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Living With Chinese Host Family Benefits:

1 - Free Food and Almost Free Accommodation

For the room alone, our rates are below the average room rent in major cities. You will be living in an upscale household, with air conditioning, kitchen, living room etc. Absolutely no utilities bills to pay, just teach English! Furthermore if your host family agrees, they can cook you free breakfast and dinner everyday! Imagine that!

An apartment next to the beach in Sanya, China

2 - Safety 

As our homestay households know and understand the local area this is usually the safest living option for being abroad. They pledge to take care of each guest. International visitors will not find that kind of support in a hotel or dormitory setting. 

3 - Immersion & Local Knowledge

Ever felt there is a boundary separating foreigners and locals? Want to know what real culture of a country is like? A homestay is a perfect way to understand the people as you interact and engage with traditional, authentic Chinese families.

4 - Primary Source Learning

While living with a host family, guests have the first-hand opportunity to study!  The best, most comprehensive way of learning foreign languages is by immersing yourself in it!  

5 - Friendships

Last but not least, companions, relationships, and "guanxi," in are extremely important, especially in China. By living with a homestay family, you will be building the relationships that can lead to career opportunities, chances to travel, and lasting acquaintances!

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HomeStay Price Comparison:

All other programs charge a significant monthly fee for your accommodation. We at China HomeStay Now believe companies should not profit from accommodation supplied by others. Therefore our one-off (no monthly charge) application rate is considerably less and fair to both you and the homestay family.

  Price for 2 Months (USD) Price for 4 Months (USD)
China Homestay $950 $1420
Beijing Homestay Agency $700 - $1100 $1400 - $2200
UTO China $700 - $800 $1400 - $1600
Lotus Education $2120 $4240
Average Rent in Major City $800 $1600
China HomeStay Now! $450 $450

*Prices Accurate as of March 2012

The average price for similar accommodation is around 2500RMB (400USD) per month. You therefore save money by being in a homestay! Plus you avoid all the hassles of moving in, and the extra cost of utilities such as internet, electricity, rent, buying furniture etc.

After you fill in the registration form, we select the best 3 host families for you to choose from. 

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