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We have provided a number of useful (and free!) websites to help you begin your homestay journey:

Pre Departure:
Preparation is essential before you travel, especially when you will be living in a completely new environment. Make sure you check out the following resources before you depart:

FMCO: Visa Support – This web page offers detailed and handy information about obtaining a visa, the types of Visa's, the number of entries and the application of different visas to the Commissioner's Office. Many visitors are caught entering China without a valid visa, and are sent back to their countries promptly.

China Wiki: China Visitor Guide - A tourists dream guide to China. Thier website is free, complete, up-to-date and reliable. Provides a comprehensive visitors guide to the mainland inlcluding places to go, things to eat (and avoid!), brief Chinese history, the list goes on...

Post Departure:
So you have finally landed and settled in your new accommodation. But what to do now? Below are some links to give you things to do:

Intern Asia: Internships - Finding that precious internship to gain international experience, INA offers a comprehensive program that provides participants with working experience in their chosen field. Although payment is required for this internship, the writing on your CV will shine as a result

Miracle Mandarin: Learning Chinese - Mandarin school to top up your Mandarin skills and practice with your host family. It is meant to develop your Mandarin as a secondary language. They offer a wide range of courses from summer to intensive programs. If you ever thought learning Chinese is impossible, this course will work miracles for you!

TEFL Jobs: Teaching English in China - Great database of TEFL jobs, categorized by province. offers English treaching opportunities, as "there are abundant and urgent demands from kindergarten to university all around the country." (Perhaps someone should teach them English).

Shanghai Ex-pat: Shanghai Events and Dining - A great resource! Contains the latest special events, great places to dine, guides and discounts!

China Daily: China News - China Daily is a national English-language newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1981 and currently enjoys a circulation of more than 500,000 worldwide. It is the only Chinese newspaper that is widely known in Western mainstream society. Keep up to date with the daily news with this one.

Enjoy your flight! A homestay is ready and prepared for you on the other side!

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