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1. Is there a cost?

For a homestay in Shanghai there is only just require a one-off placement fee to be matched with the Chinese family. The amount is significantly less than any other form of accommodation such as renting a room and a percentage is donated to a charity of your choice.

2. Will I have my own private bedroom and washroom?

Indeed, a private bedroom will be provided for you. Most of the apartments will have en suite bathrooms. If not, the washroom is shared.

3. What will the family be like?

Of course all families will be different, however those that do host have a general tendency to be warm, welcoming and curious about your traditions and country. They will certainly like to know about Western culture and how it compares to the East.

4. Will I get dinner and breakfast?

Most families will not hesitate to cook you breakfast and dinner. But please bear in mind that cooking meals is not an obligation and they have the right to charge an extra meals fee.

5. Why choose Shanghai HomeStay?

We have many years experience in placing families with foreigners. We only accept applicants from mid-level to high-level income brackets to ensure the safest and comfortable environment we can provide. Also we are committed to the good of the world and a percentage of any of our fees is donated to charity. We really do value our homestay guests.

6. Will I have access to the internet and can I access Facebook, Twitter etc?

Indeed, most households have access to the internet for free. Social media like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter can easily be accessed by a VPN. There are many free VPN's out there that you can search for, alternatively we are happy to provide you one. Just send us an e-mail!

7. What is the expatriate community like?

The expatriate community is absolutely massive! There are many foreigners based in Shanghai for work and travel. I recommend you visit this website Shanghai Expatriate to find out the latest events where you can meet new expatriate. Furthermore, you can check out our Resources Page.

8. Do I need a VISA? And what VISA will I require?

It is required by Chinese law for all foreigners to have visa's before entering China. We recommend that you come here on a tourist visa, and if you choose to find work here, apply for a work visa afterwards. More assistance here: FMCO

9. Can guests visit the homestay? Will I receive a key for the household?

With permission, of course. A key will be provided to you, as you will be a fully integrated member of the family.

10. Where can I get help and support from?

Shanghai HomeStay will always be there to help. A closer resource is your host family! They will most definitely be happy to provide you all the useful information and support such as how to take the bus and public transportation, where to buy phone card or mobile SIM card, and where the nearest bank and supermarket are. All you need to do is ask!

11. Is it possible to arrange an airport pickup?

Yes. Please specify on the application form.

12. May I have a short term homestay in Shanghai?

We can provide you with a short term options such as one-week stay. There will be a special rate for this, justto make a request in our application form or send us an email. We will look through our database of families to match your requirements.

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