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Living Local

Here is some information about the Shanghai life which is very useful if you plan to homestay for the long term.

Getting Around

Shanghai Aeroplane.There are several transportation options for travelers arriving at Shanghai’s Pudong international airport. the Maglev will take you from the airport to right outside the city in eight minutes. a one-way trip costs RMB50 – or only RMB40 if an airplane ticket is presented. From the terminal station at Longyang in Pudong, it is still necessary to take a cab to get downtown, however. a taxi from the airport to downtown should cost about RMB150 to RMB180. there is also a bus service that runs to the center of the city for RMB20.
The Hongqiao airport is used mainly for domestic fights and is much closer to the city than the Pudong international airport. a taxi from the airport to People’s Square at the city center should take about thirty minutes and cost about RMB60.
Within the city one may chose from a taxi, bus or the metro to get to any number of destinations. the Shanghai Metro has eleven lines and runs through every major district in the city. Fares cost between RMB3-9, depending on distance. air-conditioned buses in Shanghai start at RMB2. again, the price may increase depending on distance. taxis cost about RMB12 for the first three kilometers, RMB2.4 for every additional kilometer up to 10 kilometers, and RMB3.2 for each additional kilometer after that.
The Shanghai railway Station is located north of the city center and is the main railway station in the city. the Shanghai South rail-way Station is located in the Xuhui District. the station serves trains to cities located in Zhejiang province and China’s Southern provinces.

Living in Shanghai

Today, Shanghai is home to more than 300,000 foreigners, making it China’s most international city. From open-microphone nights to art gallery openings, there is plenty of culture to be experienced in the Paris of the East. in addition, the city is also home to some of China’s most famous museums. one is never at a shortage of dining options, as the city boasts a large number of restaurants offering every imaginable type of cuisine. also, there are many international schools and foreign hospitals in the city to service its diverse expatriate population.

Things To Do

Yuyuan Garden makes the top of every Shanghai tourist’s list of places to see. It boasts antiquated Chinese architecture, restaurants serving delicious local food, and many charming shops selling tea ware and other souvenir items. For RMB40, you can enter the inner garden and see traditional ponds, pavilions, and flowers. Yuyuan is a pleasant diversion from the hubbub of the city, though it’s no escape from the crowds. talk a walk on the Bund promenade and admire the colonial architecture that summons historic Shanghai. an evening meal at New heights or the perennial favorite three on the Bund will give you an unobstructed view of one of the world’s most fantastic skylines; or visit Pudong to enjoy the view from a different perspective.

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