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With a population of more than 14 million residents, Shanghai is one of the most largest and developed metropolises in the world. Also known as the New "New York", many international visitors come here to pursue their life goals and realize their dreams.

In the past 25 years the metropolis has again become an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. During the 2010 World Expo, over 70 million visitors flocked to see exhibitors from 192 different countries. The event has recorded the greatest number of visitors in World Expo history.

Shanghai is a renowned international metropolis, having long drawn attention from all over the world. Situated at the mouth of the Yangtze river, the city has been positioned as the main conduit between inland China and the world. its first opium-fuelled boom in the mid-19th century made Shanghai a byword for opportunity, excess, and style. Myriad European nations as well as the United States and Japan have all influenced the culture, architecture and ambience of this cosmopolitan city.

Sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the orient, Shanghai remains an important center of finance, fashion, commerce and industry, attracting large groups of tourists and foreigners. the city holds the largest population of expatriates in the country, which further bespeaks the degree to which it has grown as a financial and trade hub.

The Local Lifestyle

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Our families have been filtered to provide you with locations that are upscale and modern. The cost of living is how you choose it to be. The city has many locations (shops, bars, clubs etc) whereby you can splash the cash and live a lavish lifestyle, should you choose to do so. Alternatively you can enjoy the traditional Chinese life, eating at local restaurants and joining in at the local entertainment. Thankfully, the city accommodates for both types of living. During your homestay in Shanghai, you will be able to choose your own district location within the city!

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